I went to the zoo the other day.
Just when I was about to leave I realized that I hadn’t seen my favorite exhibit! I quickly found an employee and asked him about it.

“Excuse me, Sir, can you direct me to the Donkey Kong exhibit?”
“The what?” he said.
“The Donkey Kong exhibit. You know, they live in trees and eat bananas?”
His eyes narrowed.
“No joke,” I replied, “just last week I saw a Donkey Kong eat three of them.”
His mouth opened, but no words came out—probably worried they were eating too many bananas.
“Will you stay right here for a moment? I have to, uh, get someone more experienced.”

When they came back they were both smiling. Working at the Zoo must be really fun.
“What exhibit are you looking for again?” the first employee asked, nudging his friend.
“The Donkey Kong one,” I said.
Bigger smiles.
“Right this way!” said the second employee.

A minute later we rounded a corner and there they were! Donkey Kongs were everywhere, happily swinging from branches and ropes.
“There they are!” I said, smiling back at the employees.
They roared with laughter.
I looked back in time to catch a Donkey Kong yawning. I laughed too.
I guess it was pretty funny.

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